Many of our golf club designs are similar in style, performance and quality to the name brand golf clubs. A test such as yours would better be done on mechanical equipment such as the ball manucturers use. Virtually everybody operates to the same industry standards. By iacas , January 2, in Golf Talk. He played 6 over par and was so accurate to the green and on the green. And I have the benefit of custom fitting and the best components. Has anyone ever stolen a customer of yours?

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A good quality grip is very important. Tour Model T11 Hybrid Compare to: The wedges come with steel shafts and have a variety of lofts.

What I do believe is a reasonable conclusion based on the totality of the numbers is that there is not a significant performance difference between the TaylorMade Tour Burner, talyormade the Heated clone. But don’t take our word for it.

Clone-Knockoff Golf Clubs: What are they?

The deal is, my bag cost what some people pay for a set of irons. I purchased the Ti11 from Monark Golf just as the last comment stated.

I think what is more interesting is that you missed the fact that I stated in the sentence those companies are both clone and component makers:. I have a set of irons by Affinity. Of course, this is my individual besy. In fact, I cracked the club face on one of them within 6 outings.


MyGolfSpy Labs! – Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand

Just a word of advice. Why is this important? I have seen a few really bad knockoffs. How is the overall health of golf these days?

There are many clone companies that submit drawings to name-brand companies for approval before manufacturing the product. These clubs were the first that Pinemeadow has made with a titanium face, a huge advantage and step up in technology for a cloned set.

The Best Clone Golf Irons

Giga provides a great club for the average golfer at an affordable price. Personally, I think his sentence would be more accurate. For those interested in carry only, the Burner was 7.

Yes, I know this is a article. Heater B2 Driver, 3, 5 Compare to: As we mentioned, a golfer can get a clone club for hundreds of dollars less than the name brand. I also taylormde with owners of many of the businesses that sell those products and confirmed from that end as well.

clome I recently played golf without my set while visiting my brother. I believe it was good for MGS to write about this since it eduates people about the other choices they have. I think that you are just talking B. I am 5′ 9′ tall with a swing speed just a tick under David 7 years ago.

Recent Drivers  ATI RADEON 7000 32MB PCI DRIVER

Has anyone tried these Taylormade clones? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Do a couple of irons too, test a 9, 7 and 5 iron from 4 or 5 different popular clones and their OEM twin. I taylormads own a complete set of the GigaGolf forged cavity backs along with a set of Giga woods and play to a legit 7 handicap.

Ohincidently, this thing about the heights of people I feel is not an important part of the fit. With respect to backspin the numbers are incredibly close. F Offset Black Driver, 3, 5 Compare to: If I had to guess, I’d say they are over 20 years old some of the irons are Northwestern Tom Shaw Autograph if that says anything, lol. Typically the major brands will trademark tyalormade or paten the major features to prevent copping of proprietary designs. Lynn Mayhew 7 years ago.