I’m actually considering of getting another one for stacking purposes Touch sensitivity and volume knob cleanup are great. Regarding how the Hybrid fits in the lineup alongside the SD and the LM, I’ve never found the SD and LM to overlap as much as usually gets described, and I don’t find that the Hybrid overlaps much with those other two either. Ah, so close to a Lunar Driver!!! Really smokes with all of my amps. Theo “A few months ago I was on the hunt for a dirt pedal.

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Warmoth Strat copy Amp 1: AbandonedFeb 23, Gives you greasy, chimey, huge-sounding power-tube type distortion. Glad I rectified that this week. skredvy

Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver

The HFD is a very cool pedal. The HFD was my first Skreddy pedal, but it won’t be my last! Feb skreddy pedals hybrid fuzz, 5. Skredcy in or Sign up. So if you love your Les Paul and haven’t found a Skreddy Pedal you bond with yet, this one’s for you.


Since Ive mp3 kB. Sounds like a great top boost pedal at certain settings This control is somewhat interactive with the Mid Boost control as it affects its frequency range.

I’ve got a new baby in the house and haven’t been getting much playing time lately, but I was skreddy pedals hybrid fuzz till near 3 last night playing through the HFD.

Skreddy Pedals Hybrid Fuzz Driver

It really shines with humbuckers, as it should. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.

Share This Page Tweet. Please use a quality, regulated, filtered power supply. Michael Moody, Magic Amplification “Pedals sound great!

Each one sounds great. Feb 23, Tightness is at minimum, Presence is down low, and Volume is at just a slight boost though the pickups are very loud, so this requires a fairly high setting on the Volume knob.

As such, it works a treat with our Les Paul but also sounds fine with single coils, delivering a sparkly chime, retaining the character and definition of skrevdy guitar rather than swamping it.

I tell you man, it’s hard skreddy pedals hybrid fuzz judge pedals based on YouTube clips, but something about the HFD stood out to me.


Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver | The Gear Page

A versatile pedal in front of your amp. I’m a full-on humbucker user. Fuzz Sets the gain of the germanium transistor and takes you from clean through touch-sensitive overdrive all the way to sustaining, cranked-amp fuzz.

I usually keep it at noon. Since any dirt pedal will compress your signal, you’ll get roughly the same volume no matter how hard you hit the strings, when it’s on, yeah? Allen Dean Fuzz and Mid Boost are cranked. SkreddyFeb 24, I kept coming back to it, so Skreddy pedals hybrid fuzz figured I’d skreddy pedals hybrid fuzz it a shot.

Vincent “This is a killer pedal!!!! Feb 23, 6.

It just never stops. I tend to geek-out and look at tons of reviews and clips before pulling the trigger on effects. You may supply external power through an AC adapter.