Another Walkman standard, the Music Mate guitar and piano chord guide app, is pre-loaded too, plus three games are included. Wi , Wa and Wc. The defining features are centered on music and media. Always, in every situation. The additional features list is, in fact, all standard issue Sony Ericsson rather than more eyebrow-raising stuff; an FM radio is built in, there’s a video player and a web browser, plus you get all the usual extensive organiser gear.

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Its numberpad-covering flip looks like an homage to turn-of-the-century Ericsson handsets, and its 11mm thin eriscson is a design nod towards the stylish Wi. Additionally, the phone includes TrackID which can identify the names of songs by listening to them. T10, T28 and Wi Nowadays Sony Ericsson is told off quite a lot by the press yes, by us tooby readers and users, regarding the lack of innovation.

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Good design, good usability, the Walkman-feeling is all right, only the price has to be decreased. Sonj and Ericsson mobile products. Sony Ericsson’s Walkman range now seems to have most bases covered when it comes to different types of phones for different categories of music listener, and the Wi’s budget-buyer appeal is clear.

And although it doesn’t use the latest, more conventional key arrangement of newer Sony Ericsson handsets — most of which now have standard call and end keys — the Wi utilises a Sony Ericsson control button configuration we’ve seen many times before, based around the a navigation D-pad, with adjacent softkeys, back button and clear key. When opening the phone the player returns to the background and we are taken to the main menu.

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Always, in every situation. G G G G Ericsson T10, T18, T28… all of them are legends by now, exceptionally the last one. On the side there is an orange stripe running along, while on the hinge at the bottom there is a discrete Walkman logo.

It is available in three versions: Sony Ericsson’s nifty TrackID music identification software is also included, so you can quickly identify tunes you hear around you, or on the FM radio that’s built into the phone. Basic functions There are no surprises at the phonebook. But the flip also hosts on the outside a set of rather natty looking music controls, so you can work the player with the phone closed. Retrieved from ” https: Operating the Walkman player is an easy ride too.

After opening the phone the keypad fills out all available space, and although the keys might seem large enough, there are quite small in practice. There are many of us like this, and because of this Sonyy had some advantage, because of sentimental reasons. They do a pretty good job, particularly for a phone at this price level, with plenty of bass punch too.


This handset is about the exterior.

Sony Ericsson W350i

The battery also surprised me, it kept the phone online for three days. Views Read Edit View history.

Our Verdict A modest feature set, but this phone offers a superior music package for a bargain price. Quality isn’t great though. When looking inside the almost cube-shaped box, we get to see a stereo headset unfortunately not the earplug type and a USB cable besides the phone. But this budget mobile has few of the headline features of its higher end Walkman stablemate — and an obviously lower build quality.

Portrait viewfinder, few settings are characteristic, there is no flash, no autofocus. On the front on the external part of the flip we can find the music control keys. We had the latter one. Sony Ericsson Wi – flip-flap. Sub was the common? On the right we can see the volume control keys, and there is a huge bonus point awarded for the slider keylock. Nowadays Sony Ericsson is told off quite a lot by the press yes, by us tooby readers and users, regarding the lack of innovation.