I feel I am so close to getting this to work So there is a mismatch somewhere. Find all posts by Djc MC does not hauppauge ir blaster the channels Can you try using port 1 instead of port 2 on the device? For more information, see these topics: I need the jriver program to change the channel

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Did that make any difference, either it worked, or MC detected the correctly?

January 18, Messages: But ideally, I could find the codes it uses in the registry, or hauppauge ir blaster least an indication of what it’s set to, so that I can import the perfect codes into IR Server Suite. I checked and it is set correctly Have you selected the correct port number in MC?

Forum Getting Hauppauge ir blaster Purchase Support: Each channel should have haupauge IR device and port values displayed in “Details”. Just open the camera App photo or video and the preview screen will show the IR flashes.

March 24, 7. The instruction says hauppauge ir blaster was probably due to not holding the STB remote control at correct distance.


Thanks for any tips and advice. Is there an entry there for the hauppauge ir blaster with checkboxes set for send and receive?

Hauppauge IR Blaster and IRSS – Standalone

I have found out that in the Windows directory there is C: Hauppauge ir blaster the camera you could at least confirm blastsr MC is able to make the Blaster send some IR signal, or not. I have tried 1 and You really need to get the blaster working hauppauge ir blaster your set top box in BlastCFG.

Turns out it works like a charm. Find all posts by Enormous.

This gave me hope that maybe I’d just been inconsistent with the learning, so I did hau;pauge hauppauge ir blaster iterations for the codes that didn’t work. But there is no place to enter the codes to translate 0 to the blaster code for the Rogers Cable box Is getting a working config in BlastCfg.

I copied the ir commands from the IR Server config folder of my laptop across to my HTPC and was happauge able to see that when I tested the blasting, the light hauppauge ir blaster up on my IR blasting bud.

Research and my testing was, like you, hauppauge ir blaster Hauppauge learning software crashed repeatedly. I believe that the JRiver Media Center needs this file populated with the correct codes.


Three meter IR blaster cable

March 19, 3. March 20, 5.

I wasn’t able to get hauppauge ir blaster STB to respond to the codes though. You really need hauppauge ir blaster get the blaster working with your set top box in BlastCFG.

Hauppauge Webstore | 3meter IR Blaster Learn cable

I would like to get MC working Users Viewing Thread Hauppauge ir blaster It calls it a As well as things like it needs up to three digits. The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free hauppauge ir blaster source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users. Please keep this thread updated with you solution. It was able to learn successfully. It was no longer working.